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The Truths We Hold: An American Journey

Kamala D. Harris delivers an inspiring and compassionate read in her memoir. In each role Harris filled, she challenged others to rise above the level of mediocrity to a place of dignity and fairness regardless of how difficult the situation may be. This quality she attributes to her upbringing by her immigrant parents. Though the infant marriage never survived her youth, she carried her lessons of persistence and patience even in tenuous moments like her ascendence to the position of California attorney general, one of the many 'firsts' Harris reached. ​ Harris' measured methodology of investigations and program design embodied purpose and passion about the people she served in the state of California. She wrapped this message in the places of comfort with family, friends and the many mentors who guided her educational and professional journey ultimately to the Capitol as a US senator and the sitting US Vice President. Harris has always been willing to push the door open for others instead of slamming it shut in their face. Career politicians in the negative tone, spend their time making their lives better; dedicated public servants like Kamala D. Harris improve the lives of others.

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